Context and Perspective

Remember Sonia, the health insurance program director from Chapter 6? Well, she's back for more help too! Her k-Means clustering project was so helpful in finding groups of folks who could benefit from her programs that she wants to do more. This time around, she is concerned with helping those who have suffered heart attacks. She wants to help them improve thier lifestyle choices, including management of weight and stress, in order to improve their chances of not suffering a second heart attack. Sonia is wondering if, with the right training data, we can predict the chances of her company's policyholders suffering second heart attacks. She feels like she could really help some of her policyholders who have suffered heart attacks by offering weight, cholesterol, and stress management classes or support groups. By lowering these key heart attack risk factors, her employer's clients will live healthier lives, and her employer's risk of having to pay costs associated with treatment of second heart attacks will also go down. Sonia thinks she might even be able to educate the insured individuals about ways to save money in other aspects of their lives, such as their life insurance premiums, by being able to demonstrate that they are now a lower-risk policyholder.